Carbon cleaning is fast becoming a must have service for your engine, by removing the built up carbon you will be allowing your engine to operate efficiently, restoring lost power and performance, regaining lost Mpg and reducing emissions

The Carbon cleaning process works by using water to create hydrogen and oxygen which then pass through the air intake of the engine, The hydrogen is then naturally drawn to the to the carbon which creates a reaction and disperses the carbon through the exhaust system as gas.

It is a very simple,safe and effective way of removing years of carbon that have built up without the need to dismantle the engine  



Lumpy on idle/startup 
Smoking from the exhaust 
Emission levels too high (failed mot) 
Sticking Egr valve 
Dpf warning light illuminating frequently 
Or you just want to avoid costly repair bills

The technology works with all types of vehicle – from motorbikes to planes if it has a combustion engine then it can be done. Both petrol and diesel and LPG engines will show improvements irrespective of vehicle age and/or value.


Here at Carbon zero we offer a mobile carbon cleaning service wether at home or at your workplace
Please give us a call to see what we can do for you and your engine.

We also offer Custom remapping service Dpf, Egr, Ad-blue delete 

We also offer Full diagnostic service including fault reading, diagnosing and erasing

When you book with us you can be sure your in safe hands , Our technicians are all fully insured












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