What is remapping?



If you want to tune your vehicle and still keep the vehicles safety and durability functions for the engine/transmission/ESP intact, the only way to tune a vehicle is to make changes in the existing control system of the engine. That is exactly what we offer with remap. Our tuning process has total control over all parameters at any moment, and we don’t disturb the safety functions of the car by deceiving the system.

Apart from an obvious power, torque and fuel economy benefits you get the following advantages with our remap:

  • The remap is installed within the hour, normally without lifting the bonnet

  • Nothing needs to be connected to the vehicle after tuning to get the benefits

  • No loose boxes and wiring flexes in the engine compartment

  • Torque comes soft and smooth

  • Torque is adjusted/limited on lower gears (to avoid damage on the transmission)

  • Boost pressure and air flow is optimised

  • The original settings can be reinstalled if required

  • On board computer shows correct fuel consumption

  • Anti-skid program (ESP) function is fully retained

  • Torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is retained

  • Regeneration (emptying) of diesel particle filter (DPF) is retained optimal

  • Correct calculation of exhaust temperature

  • Correct calculation of service interval

  • The diagnostic system is retained

  • No enlarged NOx, HC, CO, CO2, Soot emissions compared with original when going for MOT and servicing

What exactly do you do?

Our technicians link to the vehicles ECU or ‘brain’ with a laptop PC through the vehicles diagnostic socket and read the current engine management file which is then sent to our files office and custom optimised for you vehicle. The technician programs the new optimised file into your vehicle and you then have opportunity for yourself to experience the amazing results. On some vehicles it is not possible to carry-out this function be the diagnostic socket, so in this case the ECU is removed and either a chip change or boot loading function is carried out, direct into the ECU. The final effect is exactly the same, only the process is different. Depending on the vehicle, the remap normally takes less than 1 hour to complete.

Is it safe for my vehicle?

Our monster re-mapping process enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits, not beyond them. Extra power will also result in fewer gear changes, which might actually reduce overall wear. Manufacturers have to build in a tolerance for the parts in the engine, to manage the effect of wear and tear, production variations, and to ensure their warranty claims during their warranty period normally 3 years, are kept to a minimum.

Most race and rally engines are pushed for every last bhp, and thus they more common to fail, whilst normal car/van/lorry engines are limited back, well away from probability of multiple failures. Each individual engine is different as in how much it can be pushed in a remap, but a good remap from a quality tuner like us will never get close the limits of component failure.

You will see that the top companies within the market place have all develop vehicle improvements to similar outputs. Beware of tuners who claim significantly more, it’s either lies hoping that the average customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, or the engine is being pushed too hard and will quickly become unreliable.

How does a remap improve the vehicle?

A full engine remap alters the fuel, boost and torque characteristics of the engine. By controlling the fuel pressure, injected fuel quantity, maximum permissible visible smoke limit, boost pressure from the turbocharger and the torque characteristic.

A remap offers a fully controllable change to the engine characteristics, whilst still operating with full engine feedback control and within all the pre-set engine sensor limits.

What vehicles do you remap?

Our service covers Car's, Tractor's, HGV's and even Plant machinery with Dpf, Egr, Ad-blue delete covered

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